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The Jewish hand behind 9/11 and what else...?

Christopher Bollyn presents evidence which shows the Jewish hand behind the 9/11
case in the following books and other publications:

9/11 and Zion: What was Israel's Role?

Chamish admits Bollyn is right:

Also others have written about it:

Israel did it:

Rabbi Dov Zakheim 9/11- Mastermind?

US-presidential candidate: "Israel did 9/11"

The aim of the Jews is Greater Israel as hegemony power in the Middle East for
Wall Street and the City of London. The 9/11 event gave them the power to start
a war on terrorism, which is still going on. The beneficiary of this war on
terrorism will be Israel, its satellites in Wall Street and the City of London:

To achieve this aim, wars are organised in the Middle East. The wars create a
refugee-problem for the Western World, mainly Europe. Contributing to the immigration are also the soft immigartion laws of the Western World, which are legislated on demand of International Jewry. Please, find more information to this on:

The dynamic which is driving the war danger, is accentuated by the accelerating collapse of the transatlantic financial system. Bernanke's euphemistically named "quantitative easing III" - liquidity expansion is just as hyperinflationary as Mario Draghi's "whatever it takes," unlimited purchase of state bonds through the European Central Bank. Hyperinflationary money printing, in connection with brutal austerity - in the tradition of Reichschancellor Bruening - against the population and real economy has already had a life shortening effect upon millions of people in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal and threatens to plunge Europe into a fire storm of social chaos. Read more to this on:

More to the financial crisis which will lead to war, on:

However Turkey's acting as a rear-base for the
insurgence and a forward command post for US/NATO forces may backfire:

Do not forget that Turkey has an ethnic problem with Kurds, Armenians,
Assyrians, Greeks and other Anatolians.
Nevertheless; is there some sinister reason of the past, why Turkey as a secular
Muslim state is in bed with NATO and Israel?
Study the Jewish Component (Donme')

and Masonic elements of Thessaloniki in the establishment of modern Turkey on
following web-site:

The wealthy Donme' and Jews of Thessaloniki supported the Masonic Young Turks

The aim was to have the Turkish Ottoman empire destroyed, so that they could
become the new rulers of Turkey.Furthermore the Jewish Khazars are related to
the Turks:
Masonic elements on behalf of the Zionist Jews and the British nobility were
responsible for WW 1 by pitting Serbia against Germany, and having Russia align
with Serbia. They used their Masonic connections of the Black Hand Society in
Serbia. Princip and others were used by the Black Hand Society to kill the heir
to the Austrian throne. It was Serb Freemasons in the Black Hand, the precursor
of the Mafia, who launched World War 1 in 1914, when they convinced Gavrillo
Princip to assassinate the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. During the trial
in which Black Hand members were questioned, they found out their connections to
Freemasons and Jews. The Masons in the Black Hand Society had also their
connections to the Masonic elements of  Thessaloniki:

Read how the Jew Dr. Parvus convinced the German Secret Service to get Lenin
into Russia for the revolution and more background of the the First World War:

Zionist Jews were very much aware of the Serbian/Austrian-Hungarian conflict and
managed to exploit this conflict.
In their world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization the Illuminati
Bankers through their masonic connections instigated Wold War One:

Rothschild's involvement in World-War One:

How the Zionists extended WW 1 in 1916:

Zionist leader stated that Jews effectively helped to tip the scales in America
in favour of the war of Great Britain during WW 1 and WW 2:

How Edward Grey contributed to the start of World War I:

Read why the Treaty of Versailes was another plan for WWII:

When the French leader, Clemenceau, was asked by the press what the leaders had
given the world by the treaty, he said, "We have guaranteed another war in
twenty years."

British PM 1/2 Jew Drunkard, aka Churchill baited war with crypto-Jew Roosevelt
against Germany:

Read how FD Roosevelt instigated WW 2 in Europe:

Read how FD Roosevelt avoided to make peace in Europe:

The famous Kent case

was a Bradley Manning- and Julian Assange Case of the WW 2:

Here a summing up of the 100 year war against Germany:

But in the overthrow of civilization the richest of the world and the Jewish
hand behind them need three world-wars:

And through Iran they will do it!

There will be certainly the ones again who do not like that we mentioned the
Jewish hand at all. But there are people who are no Hitler-supporters, like
Anti-Racists Australian Peter Myers who discussed the overwhelming influence of
dominant Jews in world-affairs, stated: "I've lived in poverty for years. Anyone
who criticises the Jewish lobby finds it hard to get a job in the Education
sector (which is where I should be). But one can criticise the Queen, or Prince
Charles, as much as one likes, without stigma". Find more to this on:

You also can criticise the Roman Catholic Church, but never mention that the
Catholic Church got infiltrated with Jews through the Jew Ignatius de Loyola:

Now, in Australia we do have the living proof of criticising the Jews, namely
Brendon O'Connell who serves three years in jail:

However Alex Jones and David Icke do not come to grips with this and still blame
the Catholic Church and the British Royals alone for everything. In the case of
Jones it is understandable, because he is married to a Jewess and Icke is used
by them to make the 9/11 movement look like a phantasy-fantast group of peoply
through reptiles and Ufo's.

The Sampson Option - Israel is the greatest Threat to the entire world:
The "Protocols" of the "Jew World Order" is the blue-print for the "Jew World
Order". It's the most important book of the last 200 years (It doesn't matter
who wrote it). Here is a condensed version:

There is much talk about Sharia - Law in the Western Media. But how many did ever hear about Rothchild's Noahide Law and his ambitions to rule the world:

It were Jews who inspired Mohammed to set up Islam and the Muslim Religion:

Also Christianity has its roots in Judaism:

With their mindset of Christianity and Islam, the Jews control the people of these religions, to serve them. And with this mindset they instigate wars between Christians and Muslims. The United Nations is a tool they use to control people through their mindset.

9/11 was the Death of the USA and the Western World. The Zionist USA tries to play the world-policeman but cannot deliver its own people from poverty.  And because they have no morality, decency, honesty, fairness, human respect and dignity, but are just hardened, unscrupulous, perversive and brutal criminals ( ,

 they not only on behalf of International Jewry produce agitating and defamatory cartoons and movie-films against the relegion of other people, but also bathing their own Messiah in piss (Piss Christ).

 No wonder this apathetic, indifferent, tolerating shitpushing society degenerates and decays into a dying society! 

More on the war on Terrorism:

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